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For the past 28 years I have had the privilege of supporting the technology needs of church ministries and non-profit organizations in various places around the world. During this time I have been greatly blessed to work with some amazingly talented technology professionals and ministry leaders who have dedicated their lives to helping people.

I have also been blessed with some amazing opportunities to work with some of the largest non-profit organizations in the world. I have the utmost respect for these organizations and the people who lead them. They set high standards of service, excellence, innovation and integrity. They are extremely effective at leveraging technology to catalyze the effectiveness of their mission.

As much as I have a deep respect for these amazing enterprise class non profit organizations, I think I have been most inspired by small non-profits who struggle every day to move their missions forward.

  • The pastor who left everything behind to start a small community church in the heart of the city to bring the love, education and the stability of Christ to children who live there.
  • The woman in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic, who, against gender and socio-economic obstacles, launched a church that helps rebuild families in the area.
  • The leader who started a community development program to help kids learn to read.

This list goes on…All over the world people are choosing to spend the best hours of their days to launch organizations that make a difference. These small organizations are brave, innovative and competent. They have gifted, faithful servants who are leading the charge of the missions. These organization are not small because they are ineffective. They are small because much of the time they choose to take on huge problems that no one else is willing to face.  They see how technology can help their cause. However, they do not have the resources and expertise to effectively leverage technology.

Tools for collaboration, fund raising, communication and education are tools that many of us who have worked for large non profits take for granted.  However, these small organizations simply don’t have the resources and expertise to effectively implement these tools. aims to capture thoughts and ideas that help move God’s ministry of reconciliation through Christ move forward.

To the pastor who is fighting to help their local community church grow, to the leader who is pouring their heart into making a difference through their organization, to the staff member who is devoting the best hours of their days to equip others, to the volunteer who is faithfully using their gifts to bless others; this website resource is for you.