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  1. an atheist
    January 31, 2011 @ 11:58 pm

    Thank you for expressing your respect for me. I just wanted to say that, and to also say that I respect you as well. I enjoy thoughtful dialogue concerning matters of faith. I hope you share your point of view frequently with believers and non-believers alike, who can at times be so venomous to those with differing views. I know I have similar views to your own (with one obvious difference, of course), and I try to assist others in understanding different points of view. I am frequently mistaken to be some kind of evil because of my beliefs. Unlike the passive agnostic, I am positively atheist. Because of that, I have encountered much hostility in past conversations concerning faith. However, that hostility is usually short-lived, and usually based on false assumptions that I am either evil or that I hate theists (I don’t). Usually what is behind the hostility is a simple curiosity. It is the same curiosity that many people have: what do you believe and why? I am usually able to move the initial hostility toward me to a point of mutual understanding and respect.

    I say this because your post sounds as though you have had deep conversations with atheists. Either that or you have reflected on matters of faith a great deal. I personally feel that you respect my dignity, and for that I thank you. I would rather be surrounded by people like you than by people who mindlessly agree with my atheism.


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