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  1. Mike Gold
    July 6, 2009 @ 11:09 am

    My sincere apologies for taking so long to reply to this request…unforgivable…
    So for my experience with Ncomputing has been great, they are acceptable support…I say acceptable because sometimes they get overwhelmed to requests…but they are responsive and knowledgeable.
    I have had the best experience with the X350 out of all of their products. You do have to think differently about how you do labs though. It has been helpful for me the groupings of several computers connected to a X350 host as one unit. This is so helpful when it comes to managing USB support and other resources. I also think it is good to think differently about how people access files and media. Connecting to internal and/or external streaming media is much more effective than sharing DVD video or CD ROM based media. In my opinion there are many better options to share media more effectively over a network anyway.
    In summary… I have experienced some limitations/challenges in the X350 series, however, I am way more attracted to the cost savings, power savings, supportability and over-all scalability of this platform than I am repelled by its limitations.
    I hope this information is helpful…

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