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  1. Randall Baxley
    December 12, 2007 @ 5:32 pm

    Hello again Mike,
    I am pretty sure now that we did briefly not really meet as Gina turned to someone to ask about online fellowship experiances and you mentioned the one at Second Life. I have been there but there seems to be a learning curve in using the environment that is still time dependant.
    The anger/passion for me that stirs a desire an online fellowship was kindled by personal times in the hospital and home recuperating as well as many other times when my work, sleep and health make corporate worship essentially unavailable to me in a physical world. During that time Lakewood helped a little as did Trinity Baptist in San Antonio. It is wonderful that we are able to here preaching and music on the Internet now 24/7 for those of us who sleep odd hours. Trinity though was at that time opening their internet link at the opening of the service and that Holy Spirit community of believers experiance we need to somehow bring to those who cannot be at a church building when the service begins.

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